Quality & Services

SM maintains highest quality standards with regards to requirement of different parameters for different components. This is assisted by full-fledged facilities available at plant.


Quality Policy
We at, Supreme Metals, ensure to constantly upgrade the product quality and manufacturing customized product to meet the total customer satisfaction through continual improvement.

Stringent standards for acceptance of Raw Materials lead to perfect quality circle, emphasizing not only flawless products but improvement through various innovative moves. Quality functions, analysis and statistics are performed as per the product needs and can be compared to international System/Standards.

Testing Facility
This company is fully equipped with in house lab with every required chemicals and instruments for analysis of different non-ferrous alloys the company provide guaranteed chemical analysis of non-ferrous metals as per IS, BS & ASTM.

Finish Job
The company is fully equipped with Inspection room with highly précised testing instruments viz. Digital Vernier, Micro Meter, Go-Nogo gauge, Bore gauge, Dial gauge, Veinier, etc.

Value Added Service
SM has industrialized a wide array of value added services to meet our customer's specific and ever changing requirements.
Supreme Metals is known for its prompt reply.